1K Team Important Updates

  • All 1K Team Members MUST be members of this Facebook Group:  CLICK HERE.
  • In order to get complimentary marketing all members MUST comply with all requirements outlined in the Facebook Group Page Announcement Post…this means joining my list and sending me the copy/paste email (if you do not include the income disclaimer you will not be added).
  • Team Leaders MUST teach your group to comply with everything in this email.
  • For GDI and TOAN there is no need to send me a link; everyone is automatically in my downline.
  • When sending the TrafficWave link do not send a tracking link…just the regular affiliate link.
  • For people asking about marketing and banners and such please know that the ONLY way I market for this is via this site (which has follow-up campaigns, ad copy, banners, etc.):  CLICK HERE.
  • When it comes to the Facebook Group there are no affiliate posts of any kind other than what I approve and sometimes I will personally post an affiliate link which is my right since it’s my group.
  • I don’t work for Brian Rooney or TrafficWave or GDI or TOAN.  I’m an affiliate just like everyone else.  All support tickets should go to the business that you are a part of or your direct sponsor.  I can’t possibly provide support for 20 or 30 or 40 layers of a 3 person matrix (top level).
  • Anyone who feels things should be set-up differently or maybe you are disgruntled about one thing or another should know this….You can create your own group and your own rules at any time.  In fact, I want you to do that.  I want YOU to be more successful than I am.  I’m actually cheering for your to break away and be your own leader of your own group with all the things you dream of in a perfect world….GO FOR IT AND DON’T ASK PERMISSION; I didn’t….I just took action and now my group numbers 1000’s of people.

All The Best to The 1K Team Members in 2019!  Let Explode This Thing!!

Ben Olszewski